Rustic Contemporary Spirit
...on a journey to discover the Human Potential
::: The Rustic Nature Connects to Earth Keeping Us Grounded.
As Contemporary Consciousness Evolves,
Expanded Awareness Identifies
Spirit, as Unity of All :::
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Artist Rickbischoff grew up in New Mexico surrounded by art, where the Southwest impacted his spirit and senses. His family background of artists, earth scientists, and electrical engineers shaped an artistic mind early in his life. His artistic abilities encompass a lifetime, beginning in adolescence. Rickbischoff's professional career as an artist / designer spans 20 plus years. He has traveled the US, always sensing a strong awareness of various landscapes and geology, including past and present cultures.

He boasts numerous public exhibitions. The artist has exhibited Luminartes® in New Mexico, Arizona, and the Carolinas. Luminartes® consist of wood, acrylic, and light. His most recent series, Yantra Motif, in textured acrylic on canvas and wood panel, has been exhibited by the Arts Council of York County, Chester County Arts Council, Avant Garde Center for the Arts, and Wooden Stone Gallery.

Rickbischoff has vast experience working with a number of mediums: wood, metal, stone, and concrete. The artist's early career experience includes welding, fabrication, stage and prop construction, lighting, screen printing, and picture framing. This led to his latest development which he calls Rustic Contemporary Spirit.

The artist expresses this evolving style through various designs. These include both his fine art paintings and creating Luminartes®, in addition to his architectural interior design elements, accessories, and jewelry. Recent projects include a custom bar, a trade-show booth of metal and wood, and a Southwest inspired showroom.

Rickbischoff says, "I like my work to express what I've absorbed in my travels through various landscapes. My style combines rustic materials in a contemporary line. When my work is emotionally grabbing, I feel most accomplished, and I always strive to be innovative in design.”

The artist's statement, “The fundamental elements of my creations reveal my passions for the natural world, spirituality, and unity in all things. I strive to evolve through gaining wisdom of conservation and sustainable living. My interest in Native American cultures and ancient civilizations inspired me to become a student of the environment, as I hope my work will inspire others.”