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Pinterest Group Pinboards

I had an inspired idea after reading an article from the Social Media Examiner
26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business By Debbie Hemley

I've been enjoying the user experience of Pinterest for a couple of weeks. It has a lot of potential as becoming the next super site, really, like a twitter or facebook, BIG.

The main point that Debbie Hemley shared in the article that inspired me the most was...

me contributors
#13: Me + Contributors
Pinterest has great collaborative functionality with the “me+contributor” posting capability where you can allow others to contribute to your boards

I love meeting and sharing with like minds, from all walks of life and from every corner of our globe, social networking is a gift in that way. My intentions are to create groups pinboards where I could take full advantage of connecting with every like mind and heart I can.

As an artist I am inspired by fresh unique images. May artwork reflects my love for nature and all its expressions. To connect with those who share my love of wildlife and to discover the most inspiring wildlife imagery, I've created the Wildlife Images | group pinboard on Pinterest.

Please join me ...see details

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