Rustic Contemporary Spirit
...on a journey to discover the Human Potential
::: The Rustic Nature Connects to Earth Keeping Us Grounded.
As Contemporary Consciousness Evolves,
Expanded Awareness Identifies
Spirit, as Unity of All :::
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Creative Works of a Contemporary EcoSpirit

Rustic Contemporary Spirit

...incorporates rustic natural elements in a contemporary design, evoking a green, new age spirit. In recent years, artist/designer Rickbischoff has blended these elements into his artwork. Now we take the fundamentals beyond simple aesthetics, into a concept for living.

Through my creative works I endeavor to discover The Human Potential, giving reverence to our oneness with nature, creating an eco-spiritual living. Contemporary consciousness, Knowing Spirituality as Fundamentally Natural

Designs for the Home

Inspired by the practice of Fung Shui. Rustic Contemporary Spirit understands the flowing energy of a space or home as moving like water in a babbling brook or as the inhaling of air into our lungs, should be free to flow and nourish.
While enjoying the fresh energy of contemporary design the space requires rustic natural textures to inspire a grounding to nature for its inhabitants. Impressions of all the natural elements brings nourishment to our spirit.

Owl's Journey

Through the fine art, craft and creative writings Rustic Contemporary Spirit tells the story of Owl's Journey to discover The Human Potential. Animal Totems
bring guidance by sharing their energy in a vision received by Owl.

Yantra Motif Totems

Rustic Contemporary Spirit created animal spirit guides combined with color therapy brings awareness through meditation. Just as in Owl's Journey you to could be shared animal wisdom through meditation.

Textured Decor - Abstract Paintings

Paintings replicated from the story of Owl's Journey, Theses paintings are heavily textured using a unique method with sawdust and wood shavings.

Visionary - Fantasy Paintings

Additional support is given through fine art paintings and prints portraying Owl's visions.

His and her's Eco Clothing accessories

Using reclaimed matierials Rustic Contemporay Spirit designed julery bags and cases helps keep mindful of the persute to discovering our Human Potential.

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The rustic nature connects to Earth, keeping us grounded, as contemporary consciousness evolves. Expanded awareness identifies spirit, as unity of all.