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When I came across this portmanteau word EcoSpirituality I realized that the two words were perfectly paired for me. I didn't create the term though it resonates through me so clearly as though I did create it. I am a lover of nature and seek to discover the nature of all things.

EcoSpirituality is not a religion rather it's open for any faith to discover. The very foundation of this Interfaith holds nature as sacred.

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ecospirituality - nature with interfaith symbols

Knowing Spirituality as Fundamentally Natural

I know in my heart spirituality as being the unity of all (the infinite) I see our natural world as a reflection of oneness.

Our Natural World - part me, part you, part sea, part mountains...
Yet at the same time nothing is part. Fractal-like, all is one whole the amount. We are not separate from our nature, the universe.

Eco - Short for Ecology
"The branch of biology dealing with the relations and interactions between organisms and their environment, including other organisms. Ecology is a sub-discipline of biology, the study of life." - Taken from Wikipedia

Please visit a growing online resource for Eco-Spirituality

How I know this to be truth - its spring
flows from my heart. - Rickbischoff