Rustic Contemporary Spirit
...on a journey to discover the Human Potential
::: The Rustic Nature Connects to Earth Keeping Us Grounded.
As Contemporary Consciousness Evolves,
Expanded Awareness Identifies
Spirit, as Unity of All :::
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Original Rustic Contemporary Spirit Bar

This was constructed at the Rustic Contemporary Spirit | Studio Carolina from an existing flat wall. The Studio is situated overlooking a large pond within the community of Lake Wylie SC. Harmony with the property's and local community’s influential water element and rural setting was a major component in the design. Additional factors for the design included esthetics and need to harmonize with the Rustic Contemporary Spirit design concept. However, because of this being an accent wall within the main entry of the studio, it had to be the ultimate statement of style.

Textured Wall

Original Rustic Contemporary Designed bar
Natural rustic elements inspire a room's calm energy. The wall, being the predominant feature influences the over all vibe. This finish was chosen for its organic texture and color.
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Rustic Wood Beam

exposed rustic distressed wood beam
This was roughly textured to accentuate the property’s rural setting, mimicking an old barn or historical plantation. Therefore influencing the room's feeling of stepping away to restful eco-cabin getaway.
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Shaped Bar Top

uniquely carved oak wood bar top
The opportunity to introduce the water element came with the oak wood bar top. Oak was chosen for its strength and for its light color. A beautiful butterfly grain pattern was a magical find while searching for that perfect 1/4" veneer. The water influence is found in the carved free flowing shape combined with the rolling back wave-like motion completes this unique rustic contemporary bar.
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Unique & Untraditional

unique untraditional carved oak wood bar top
This untraditional, fanciful contemporary line brings fresh and exciting energy to any environment, while raw organic textures evoke a restful vibe, making this unique custom bar a desired addition in any lounge, hidden nook of a high energy dance club or public area.